Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Creative Ways to Save Money Every Month

Saving money often seems like the hardest thing to do without cutting out the things you love to do and buy. With the rising cost of damn near everything from food to rent it can seem impossible at times. But all is not lost. We created a list of ways you can start saving today no matter where you are on your financial journey. Even the smallest contribution can help you take the first steps to creating a savings that you can be proud of. The key is to start and be consistent!

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The Leftover Method

One of the best ways that has helped me save is to deposit all the money leftover from my paycheck into my savings account. Here is what I do: the night before I get my scheduled direct deposit, I transfer all the money in my account, I leave about $2-5 dollars and transfer the rest. No matter how big or small the amount, whatever is left over after paying all my bills with that paycheck, I send the rest to my savings. It's a great way to take money they you already have and and it adds up pretty quickly!

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5-Dollar Method

I am not sure how often anyone uses cash these days but every time you get a $5 dollar bill, save it and don't spend it. Like you would if you saved spare change in a jar. At the end of the year, see how much you've saved. Deposit in the bank and repeat. You’ll never look at $5 dollars the same way again…sorry not sorry!

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Pay Yourself First

I can’t stress this enough! You go to work everyday and it is not to just pay someone else your hard earned coins! Pay yourself first. Even if you have to start off small with $10 per check, pay that to yourself first and put it away in a savings account. And automate that ish! Create a recurring set amount that goes into your savings account just as you would any other bill.

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Set a Goal

Goal setting is really important when you start saving money. Even if your target is small, make a goal with a timeline and an intention: i.e. I want to save $500 dollars in 4 months for an emergency fund. Setting goals can keep you on track and help you prioritize wants versus needs.

No matter what or how you choose to save money, the key is to be consistent and stick with it.