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How to: Self-Breast Exams

Free the nip and feel the girls! By girls, we mean your breasts! Every month, once a month, give your breasts some much-needed attention by doing self-breast exams. One of the best ways to beat breast cancer and catch it in the early stages is by doing self-exams regularly. Monthly exams help you get more familiar with your breast so it's easier to spot changes if any occur.  

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Stages of Breast Cancer

*Insert a witty and charming intro here to grab your attention*!  We tried to come up with a funny tagline to keep you reading this article but talking about hard topics like breast cancer is tough! The disease has affected so many lives and we just want you to be informed. So, let's get to it and discuss what happens once there is a diagnosis of breast cancer. 

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Breast Cancer

Breast! Who doesn't like breast! They are big and small; real and fake; they feed our newborns and and our partners! (hehe) They are one of the most fascinating organs in our bodies. Breasts are awesome but they are also in danger with the threat of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer with an estimated 200,000 new cases in 2017. So yea, FUCK CANCER! (Yes, we said it and we mean it.)

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