Questions to Ask Your Doctor: High Blood Pressure

Going to the doctor can be scary so we gathered some questions to ask your doctor about high blood pressure. 

  1. What does my blood pressure numbers mean? 
  2. What is the best blood pressure for me?
  3. Why is my blood pressure important? 
  4. What can I do to get my blood pressure under control? 
  5. What happens if my blood pressure is not under control?
  6. What resources are available to help me get my blood pressure under control? 
  7. What medications will I need to take and how long will I need to take them? 
  8. How does my blood pressure medication affect my body? 
  9. What happens if I stop taking my blood pressure medication? 
  10. How can I track my blood pressure? 
  11. What foods should I not eat? 
  12. Can I have a referral to a nutritionist? 


Remember these questions can be asked for you or your family member and are not limited to the list above. There is no shame in asking questions and having your healthcare provider repeat and rephrase things so you can understand. If you don't understand an answer to a question or ANYTHING that goes on in your doctor visit, speak up! You have the right to know what is happening in your body and how you can control it. You got this!