Don't Believe the Hype!

Walking into the supermarket is almost exactly like social media. Every product is screaming (not literally of course) that it is healthy or has some great benefit to make feel your best. It's like the great Oprah episode - You get a buzzword, you get a buzzword. Don't be fooled good people by fancy labels and popular words.

What are buzzwords you ask? Buzzwords are words or phrases that become very popular over a period of time. Companies can label their products with buzzwords like "gluten-free" or "all-natural" creating an illusion that the foods you are buying are healthy but this is not always true. 

Why can they do this you ask? Because there is limited regulation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This limited regulation can make it hard to tell the difference between what is healthy and what is not. 

An example of this is products that are advertised as "promotes a heart-healthy diet" or "supports a healthy immune system". These claims do not necessarily mean the products you are buying are good for you and will improve your body's functions. As long as there is no promise to cure or prevent disease or illness, companies can slap a label on a product that can be very misleading. 

So let's explore the most misleading buzzwords on products on the market today. 

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