Questions to Ask Your Doctor About: Diabetes

So you go to the doctor and now what? Knowing what questions to ask can mean the difference between preventing and managing diabetes or developing lifelong complications. We all get a little stage fright when we go to the doctor - we never want to hear bad news. But asking questions can literally save your life. Don't be ashamed if you don't understand the answers, ask your doctor to clarify. 

Here are some questions to ask during your next doctor visit! 

  1. How do I manage my diabetes?
    • If you have diabetes you want to make sure you are not only take your medications but know what foods to avoid and what complications you are at risk of getting. 
  2. If you take insulin: How does insulin help control my blood sugar? What if my blood sugar drops too much from the insulin? What if my blood sugar remains high after insulin?
  3. If you take oral medications for diabetes:  How does this medication treat my diabetes? 
  4. How often should I take my blood sugar? 
  5. What are the side effects of my medications?
  6. What steps can I take to get off of my oral medication and/or insulin?  
    • If you are instructed to lose weight or exercise, don't be afraid to ask for specifics. Losing weight and eating right is different for everyone. Ask questions if you need guidance. 
  7. Can you provide me information for a specialist that can help me lose weight and balance my diet? 
  8. What are the results of my last A1C and please explain what that means? 
    • An A1C test, shows how well your blood sugar levels were controlled over the past 3 months. This is a great test to know because it can reveal if you are managing your diabetes properly or if you are at risk for developing diabetes. 
  9. What was my last cholesterol level? 
    • Keeping cholesterol low can prevent a lot of complications from diabetes. 
  10. How will I know if my diabetes is getting worse? 
  11. How do my feet look? 
    • Sores can develop on your feet and legs so remember to check them and have your doctor check them as well. 
  12. How are the labs for my kidneys? 
    • The kidneys can be damaged from high sugar levels so you want to make sure they are healthy. 


Remember to ask questions until YOU UNDERSTAND how to manage diabetes or prevent it from happening! If you have other health concerns that you think may affect your health or diabetes, let your doctor know. If you can't afford to pay for your medications or to travel to see the nutritionist or other appointments, let your doctor know. Healthcare is expensive so don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for .  Doctors and nurses can help you get the services you need to take care of you and your body. 

Go be great people!