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We are looking for fresh innovative writers, who are passionate about health and wellness. If you feel you have a story to share with the Quack Community, submit your wok below. The foundation of Quack Health is health literacy. We aim to produce material that is both health literate and fun. We view health literacy as the stepping stone for the dissemination of our work. Make sure your work is clear and concise and most importantly, understandable. Check out our health literacy info page for additional information! 


Before you type your heart away, please read the guidelines on what we are looking for:

Give Credit

  • Make sure you properly give credit where credit is due.

An Original is Always Better than a Copy

  • We would like original articles that are not published on other platforms, even your personal or professional blogs. 

Everyone is a VIP

  • Our aim is to provide our readers with following: 1). Information they need; 2). An understanding of the information presented; and 3). Use the information to improve their quality of life. 

Your Words Should Empower

  • Quack Health is a place of open learning. We want to make our readers feel inspired about their health. 

Every Word Counts

  • We generally like to keep are written material as concise as possible; keeping articles between 500-1200 words. 

Language and Culture

  • We are always looking for culturally diverse articles and articles translated into different languages (particularly Spanish). Feel free to submit articles that are important to you and your community. We want everyone to learn!
  • The content on Quack should be fun and "down to earth". Make your reader laugh! If you want to use popular vernacular or slip in a few words cuss words, we are okay with that! (hehe). Just nothing too vulgar! 

Your Submission should fit in the following categories:

Health Conditions

Health Conditions are any known conditions that affects the human body. For example, Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, Eating Disorders, etc.). We are pretty flexible on health conditions. 

Health Prevention

Tips, resources, policies, agencies, programs, etc. that may help reduce or prevent the progression and occurrence of disease and conditions. 

In the News

Health topics that are currently in the news. This can include medical research, popular health trends, governmental policies that affect health and health care. 


Topics relating to wellness and fitness. This can include house and home related improvements or hacks; and exercise and fitness routines. 


You know your grandma can throw down in the kitchen but do you have a creative way to make those delicious recipes healthier? 

My Story

Do you have an interesting story to tell about your struggles or triumphs with a health condition or issue? Place those articles in this category. 


If you feel you article does not fit under any of the above categories but you feel if it relevant for the site, feel free to submit your article under this category. 


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